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Dora the Explorer is a cartoon TV series for kids. The main element is the communication between the characters and Dora. Dora is a multilingual character that teaches alternate languages including learning to count, speaking, and practicing good behavior. Dora often goes on hikes under various pretexts with her true friends Map, Backpack, a monkey named Boots, and others. Other characters like Swiper the fox, who constantly tries to steal objects, was created to add some contrast to the cartoon series. The show is available is many countries globally. In America, Dora speaks English first and Spanish second. In Spanish countries, the opposite, Spanish first and English second. The title has been adapted for many languages. For example, Dasha the Pathfinder (Russia), Dora explores the world (Poland), Explore-loving Dora (China).

As the character has been watched by so many children around the world, the Dora character has become iconic as a game character for educational games. The character is popular in similar categories like the following.

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