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Play escape games at Once you awake to find yourself in a troubling situation, know that if you look long enough, you will find a way out. Search for clues by looking over everything near you and solve puzzles that will allow you to escape. Once you make it out, it will be the best feeling to know you are free. Enjoy the latest escape games only at Y8.

Would you like to sharpen your intuition? Y8 has a lot of amazing exercises for you: choose an escape game and try to solve all the problems to find a way out of tangled situations.

The objective of games of this type is to escape from some place like a room or a vehicle. At your disposal are particular objects that will likely be useful in finding a way out. However, it is not all sunshine and roses since you have to use your keenness of wit to understand how objects will be helpful to your escape from the trap.

Do you know anything about the history of escape video games? Here are some facts we discovered for you.
Some decades ago the world learned about point and click games. In 1983, the Planet Mephius game, designed by Eiji Yokoyama, was released by T&E Soft. The goal of the game was to interact with different objects using the cursor. This game is considered to be the prototype of modern escape video games.

In 1988 behind closed doors, a text-based game was published. The main character of the game was the Balrog, locked in an outhouse. Just this release is mentioned as the first escape game.

Following the early escape games, Mystery of Time and Space was published in 2001 and helped popularized escape games. The main goal for the player was to escape from a room using available objects and clues.

Since 2004, new escape games are being published every year. Some examples are: Crimson Room (2004) and Viridian Room (2004), A Gunshot in Room 37 (2006), Cottage (2008), Bars of Black and White (2009), Dasshutsu Game series, Appli Archives collections and other releases. All these games are widely popular, making players plunge into adventure to solve the puzzles.

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