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Play third person shooter games at The third person view is when the game camera is placed behind the character and you can more easily run and gun while seeing more of the environment compared to first first view like we see in real life. Enjoy the many shooting and gun games that feature the third person view.

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Third-Person Shooter Games

Third-person shooter games feature a view from behind the player character. They are comparable to first-person shooters since the player is required to use a firearm or some sort of projectile weapon. Like first-person shooters, there is a lot of character movement and different game objects to interact with. Some examples are jumping on platforms, melee fighting, driving a vehicle.

Some games that were influential to the third-person shooter genre are Max Payne, Hitman, and Gears of War. After the release of these games the world saw the development of such popular subgenres as survival horror and beat 'em up. do not forget that this game genre can be quite interesting and fun in multiplayer mode.

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