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Play vampire games at These games have dark and blood thirsty theme that shares some elements with Gothic era games. If you want to get ready for spooky time like Halloween or if you want to dress up as a vampire, here is your chance.

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Vampire Games

In a broad sense, a vampire is an undead creature in human form. They lead nocturnal lifestyles due to fear of sunlight and can take a form of the bat. They survive by sucking human blood and are like fuel for nightmares. However, not all vampires are created as equals because various folklores and cultures can vary a lot. Since the idea is very old and dates back to antiquity times. They are sometimes known to devour the flesh of people and their appearance stray from the human form so far that they look incredibly like monsters.

From novels and movies, vampires have become one of the popular themes due to the longevity of the idea and the diversity of the vampire image. There are many famous vampire stories and almost everyone will know of one like that of Count Dracula. The gaming industry is no different in that it has also taken the vampire folklore and created many projects that express the danger of partially dead beings that survive off blood in order to live forever. See the following list of popular games that use the vampire theme.

  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (2004)
  • Vampyr (2018)
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