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Play hockey games at Skate on top of the ice, pass the puck to your team mates, and hit shots pass the into the goal. Watch out for the goalie, he might block your shot. Hockey is a full-contact sport, your opponents may start a fight and send you into the glass in these hockey games.

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Hockey Games

Hockey is a team sport which is played on the ice field. Two teams compete trying to shoot a puck into the opponent's net using a stick and each player has special equipment to move around the field on skates. Hockey can be classified as a dangerous sport because of almost inevitable collisions with other players, falls, painful puck, and stick blows.

The history of hockey is one of the most contested among all sports, but nevertheless, Canada is considered to be its homeland. Although all the necessary equipment for hockey is often not so easy to get, at the same time the game quickly spread all over the world, and has become especially popular in countries with severe winters (Canada, Finland, Russia and some other countries). Perhaps, for the reason of the frequent equipment unavailability, many people prefer field hockey.

Thanks to game developers, hockey was moved from real playgrounds to various gaming platforms. The first hockey simulator called nhl hockey was released in 1980 and with the development of the gaming industry, hockey fans got their iconic nhl games series, similar to the fifa games series for football fans. Most people clearly know about a game like air hockey, which is now better known as a way of entertainment than a sport. Although this game has almost nothing in common with hockey, except for similarities in the name and the presence of the puck.

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