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Play multiplayer games at If you enjoy playing games with friends, you're in luck because Y8 Games is known for the massive amount of multiplayer games. Connect with other people from across the globe and battle it out in a shooting game or racing game. There are also many io games to jump into and fight for a high score.

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Multiplayer Games (Online Games)

In the early days of browser based video games, multiplayer was a big challenge for game developers. The technology either didn’t exist or was difficult to use. This is most likely the cause of having a single player game renaissance that lasted a few decades. console and downloadable games typically had bigger development teams that could power through the limitations preventing web games from having multiplayer. as time progressed, browsers became more powerful. the tools to make multiplayer games slowly became easier for game developers to use. now there are new categories of multiplayer games, like io games.

The oldest multiplayer game on Y8 is a strategy, turn based game, using the flash player. the game is called tactics 100 live but sadly as it often happens, the multiplayer no longer works. this game was way ahead of its time though. there were a few other game developers who adopted multiplayer browser games early on. some notable ones are ninjakiwi, conartists, and atelier801. that last one, atelier801, created one of the longest running browser based, multiplayer games, it was called transformice.

Since the old days, Y8 Games has become a powerhouse of multiplayer games. For a few years, we developed more multiplayer games than any other game developing group. The Y8 ecosystem even created a few multiplayer systems for game developer to use. However, open standards have prevailed and the technology to make multiplayer games is always changing. Today there are many more options to make multiplayer games and Y8 Games is proud to have so many hot new multiplayer games for players to enjoy.

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