Unleash Your Fury with Online Fighting Games

Fighting games were popularized by the famous Street Fighter arcade game and later Mortal Combat grew the category when early consoles were popular. Now you can play many different fighting games in your browser. There are games like ninja games, kung fu games, sumo wrestling, and boxing games.

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When you feel you have an excess of energy and it seems it is time to fight, do not get into trouble trying to pick on strangers since we have a better option for you. Instead, try our fighting games and prove your strength in a game.

Do you think that fighting games are limited only with Street Fighter, Warrior and Mortal Kombat series? If you check our game collection, you will be amazed by the diversity of games we are offering.

Martial art is difficult to master yet it gives people great joy in mastering. You have an awesome opportunity to prove that not only Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Panda have mastered the art of fighting. Anyone can try our Kung Fu games.

Are you going to become the next Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali? Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee while playing Y8 boxing games.

Has anyone hurt your feelings? Choose one of our punching games, imagine that the virtual character is your offender and cuff this scoundrel.

King Arthur and Conan the Barbarian were famous with their sword fights. Select a sword game, take your arm, meet your enemies, and beat them up.

Even if you have never attended any workout and do not know any fighting hold, Y8 will help you to win the battle. Enjoy!

Recomended Fighting Games