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Did you miss your 3310 phone? or is it your first time to see it. Play this fun 3310 games on a realistically crafted phone. This game brings back the joy of the old yet famous nokia phone in the past. It contains 9 different decals to choose from. So you will be able to personalize your old phone. This phone has 3 different Nokia games. 1- The Classic Snake choose one of the 5 differently designed walls and create your space. Grow your snake by collecting baits that are born randomly in the field. The larger your snake, the more points you collect. 2- Car Racing drive along the 3-lane road without hitting any cars. If you hit cars, you'll start over by going back to the beginning. 3- Space Shooter You are the captain of a spaceship and enemies are attacking you. Destroy the enemies attacking you. In addition to the classic Nokia games, you can navigate on this phone, which has a real phone feel, and listen to classic Nokia ringtones. Have fun playing this game here at!

Category: Arcade & Classic
Added on 02 Jan 2022