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Play action and adventure games at Y8. If you like to have new things happening and fast pace run and gun action, these games will be thrilling for you. If you are are bored and looking for adventure, we have many games that will take you to a new place, experience all the wonders of a virtual world.

Action is a game genre that makes you use your physical abilities at the highest level including the coordination of eyes and hands as well as the reaction rate. As a rule, the main character of such games must complete levels, search for some objects, avoid obstacles and fight against enemies in all possible ways. Thus, the action of such games is very dynamic which requires a top level of concentration and reaction to different events. Usually, action genre games are first person games.

Before talking about other subgenres of action games, it is important to mention, adventure games focus on different scenarios, quests, and puzzles. As a result, you need to engage not only with game objects but also intellectual abilities to succeed in adventure games.

Action games can be divided into many subgenres. The most popular ones are shooter games, fighting games and platform games. Any game which requires physical advantage over the opponent, for example, better aiming or reaction can be treated as an action.

The history of the action game genre started in 1978 when Space Invaders was published. The game pushed the development of action games. Further releases, namely Asteroids (1979), Pac-Man (1980), Robotron: 2084 (1982), and some other games defined the principles of the genre. Castlevania and The Legend of Zelda, created in 1986, added to the genre a couple of new elements including the world research and quests, having created a way for more diverse game genres.

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