Action and Adventure Games

Play action and adventure games at Y8. If you like to have new things happening and fast pace run and gun action, these games will be thrilling for you. If you are are bored and looking for adventure, we have many games that will take you to a new place, experience all the wonders of a virtual world.

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The reaction of Action Games?

Games with hardcore Action: Where muscles talk!

Action games are a genre of games that make you use your physical abilities to the highest level, including hand-eye coordination, and your speed of reaction. As a rule, the main character in these kinds of games must complete levels, search for objects, avoid obstacles and fight against enemies in all kinds of ways. Thus, the action in games like this is very dynamic and requires a high level of concentration to respond to different events. Usually, games in the action genre are Role Playing Games.

Explore RPG and Adventure Games

Action games can be divided into many subgenres. The most popular ones are shooter games, fighting games and platform games. Any game which requires a physical advantage over the opponent, for example, better aiming or reactions can be classed as an action game.

Action Games: Equip yourself with a weapon and head off on a journey

The catalogue for action games has various styles and subgenres. Enjoy 3D Action, Close Combat, Street Fighters, and even destroying towns, so get ready for action!

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Play Our Stick Games

Stick figure games are popular browser games, as graphics were easy to draw and stickmen were super flexible to attack against. Play some stick games here.
1. Stickman Street Fighting 3D
2. Stickman Boost
3. Draw Fighter 3D

Pet Platform Games on Y8.com

Jump from platform to platform as you overcome obstacles, outsmart enemies and avoid various traps and danger. Thousands of platforms to jump over.
1. Tom Run
2. Bounce Red Ball
3. Superfighters

Puzzle Action Adventure Games

Everything has its puzzle to solve, right? Travel around an epic puzzle platform, where your goal is to reach and go through the exit door.
1. Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple
2. Vex 3
3. RedBall Bounce