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Play side scrolling games at Mario was one of early game to popularize the side scrolling game genre, so naturally platform games work well with side scrolling. It was an early way to pack more action into the same screen space while not adding too many sprites for one scene. By add and removing elements dynamically, infinite levels become possible in side scrolling games.

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Side-scrolling is a game genre where players view the game world from the side and the world scrolls more into view as the player reaches a screen boundary. As more memory became available to game developers with the release of later game consoles, they found new tricks to provide bigger worlds for players. It was most common to see horizontal side-scrolling like in Super Mario Bros (1985) for the NES. However, some racing and shooter games would use verticle scrolling. Before side-scrolling games, worlds only displayed one screen at a time similar to a board game. However, some older arcade games used reels to create a similar effect only using analog technology. Today, 3D uses new tricks and side-scrolling is no longer the only way to have expansive virtual worlds. Yet, the retro nostalgia and simple mechanics has meant the side-scrolling game genre remains popular.

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