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Play management games at Managing a business is all about handling your resources effectively like your materials and time. Can you manage a restaurant or a burger chain like a boss? Become a tycoon at Y8 Games.

Management Games History

The origins of management games comes from early board games. The earliest was titled The Landlord's Game that was patented in 1904! The game demonstrated how land grabbing works and the negative consequences like land insecurity and displacement. Later, in 1935 Monopoly was released following the inspiration of The Landlord's Game. Monopoly popularized the management game genre long before the computer existed and remains one of the most popular board games ever created, next to games like Chess. Later in 1960, another lesser-known board game titled Management expanded the idea to industry. The goal in the business-themed board game was to outcompete your opponents by building more factories and creating products more efficiently. Together these board games set the stage for later video games using similar concepts.

Early Management Games

What followed the management board games was a new genre not possible before called city building games. These games took the top-down perspective from the board games and added new elements of business, management, and competition thus adding new elements of strategy. The most well-known city building game was titled Simcity Classic released in 1989. The city-building genre went on to influence a great number of game subgenres. See the following list for examples of genres related to management genres.

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