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Play io games at These are quick to learn multiplayer games that are so fun you can't stop playing. Jump into a game and see how long you can survive. Y8 Games has a growing collection of io games that can be played safely in the browser.
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What are io Games?

.io games are relatively new game subgenre. However, they are easy to understand, that’s one of their selling points. An easy to learn online multiplayer game. Unlike many multiplayer games, this game type values simplicity and fun mechanics above all else. That usually means simple graphics and games that are played in a browser, so no need to worry about viruses here at Y8’s io game selection. To summarize io games, they are casual multiplayer action games that players can learn quickly.

What does the io mean in io games?

The io technically stands for Indian Ocean, similar to the generic .com domain ending or top-level domain. Basically, this means many of the biggest io games have their own website. The io domain, in particular, is popular with tech companies because of the alternate meaning for I/O in computer science. In that case, meaning Input/Output or another way of saying moves data in both directions. By that description, I/O is defined similar to multiplayer.

While most io games will be reachable directly at some web address, there are notable exceptions to the io domain. Some games may use subdomains like Some other possibilities are other alternatives perhaps .games would be wise. It is also possible games might not be reachable by a domain directly and may connect with a remote server while a publisher supports the actual game files.

Best io games

Happy Snakes - Very fun introduction io game with good device support.
Slither io - The first well known io game.
Snow Battle io - Fun io shooter game.