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Play jigsaw games at Bring the pieces together in harmony and create an art piece. Can you really connect all those lost jigsaw puzzle pieces in perfect order without losing one piece? Only one way to find out by playing one of the many jigsaw games at Y8.

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A Jigsaw is a subgenre of puzzle games where the goal is to piece together an image with the help of many puzzle pieces. This activity looks as simple as placing pieces but there is a strategy for completing them quickly. For example, one might start at the edge and look for the flat pieces. Piecing the jigsaw together promotes the development of logical thinking, fine motor skills, and gives sense to the pieces and the whole once complete.

According to one source, jigsaw games were invented in 1760 by the London cartographer John Spilsbury. He sawed a black and white paper geographic map pasted onto a wooden base, which had to be reassembled. Up to a certain point jigsaws were used as teaching materials, for example, at schools. When they began to be mass-produced from cheap cardboard, jigsaws assembling became a very popular form of entertainment around the world.

Although at present there is a large number of different types of jigsaws, the goal is always the same - to get the final picture from its separate elements. Jigsaws vary in the size, quantity of pieces, and shape, and in the overall size of the picture, which often has a rectangular shape, but sometimes can have the form of a triangle, circle, oval, and so on. Computer jigsaws are also considered to be rather amusing and relaxing games, although you won’t get all the experience you get from the real jigsaw assembling, delving into its small elements for a long time, still, it will make you think and keep your imagination working well.

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