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Play mahjong games at Mahjong is a tile based game developed in China. The goal is to match tiles that are open to the sides. The tiles are often stacked adding dimension to the game. There can be bonus tiles, called flower and season tiles that can be combined despite not matching. Other tiles will have symbols that can be matched. Most online versions are played single player instead of keeping score like in multiplayer.

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Mahjong or mah-Jongg is a game that uses tiles with a similar shape as Domino tiles. The tiles are often white but can come in yellow, gold, or a variety of colors. They historically would feature Chinese characters due to the game originating from China. Now they come with many bright symbols and icons. Some people claim the game to be of ancient origin, there is no evidence to support the claim. It originates from the Qing dynasty which began in 1644, so the game is likely no more than 375 years old. The earliest tiles were from the 1870s. However, it was popularized in the 1920s.

The goal is to match tiles that are open on one side and not covered by another tile. Sometimes, there are bonus tiles known as flower and season tiles. These special tiles can be matched with similar tiles despite not always having matching symbols. The online version of Mahjong is typically played in single-player mode as a puzzle game. Layering, stacking, and 3D tiles groups increases the complexity adding more interest to finding matching tiles. Many new layouts have been created adding to the variety of mahjong games available to play in a browser.

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