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Play bunny games at We Know you love Bugs Bunny as he was probably one the first famous rabbits. However, now there are many games that feature a bunny character as they are cute animals. Learn to take care of your virtual bunny by playing these games.

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Rabbit and Bunny Games

A rabbit is the perfect game character because people enjoy games that involve animals. Plus, baby bunny rabbits are one of the cutest animals. They are little fuzzy hairballs that enjoy exploring and eating. Some famous rabbit characters that are popular in games are Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Roger Rabbit, White Rabbit, and of course the Easter Bunny. Some of the rabbit characters are relatively old like Bugs Bunny from the animated series Looney Tunes which started in the 1930s. Back then the Bugs Bunny character looked more like Micky Mouse as the idea was to compete with Disney. Over time, the bunny character evolved through different artists' interpretations and his face become flattened and his legs became longer.

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